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SAP Crystal Reports 32-bit Runtime Libraries 13.0.17

Latest ReportServer v2.3.1 patch file (Patch F)
Latest ReportServer v2.5 patch file (Patch A)
Latest ReportServer v2.5.1 patch file (Patch E)

FAQ Questions

FAQ1Q: My reports work on my development machine, but they aren't working in ReportServer. The report error is something about Data Source Not Found. I can see the data source in ODBC Administrator. What am I doing wrong?  (View Answer)

Answer: ODBC is byte-size specific. The ODBC Administrator for 64-bit systems is not the same as the 32-bit ODBC Administrator. By default, on 64-bit systems, the one you find in the Administrator Tools menu or via the Control Panel is the 64-bit variety.

ReportServer, because it relies on report designers that are predominantly 32-bit applications and libraries, is compiled to only work with 32-bit binaries. Those 32-bit binaries cannot use the 64-bit ODBC connections you created.

Instead, you must create 32-bit ODBC connection to your data sources using the 32-bit ODBC Administrator you will find at C:\Windows\SysWOW64\odbcad32.exe (if your C: drive has been moved to another drive letter for security reasons, please adjust the file name accordingly).

FAQ2Q: I just completed the installation and logged in as administrator, but the Logged In message at the top of the page doesn't show "Administrator". What did I miss?  (View Answer)

Answer: Please check the ReportServer Installation Guide for the Post-Installation instructions.

One of the first things you need to do to make ReportServer work is to run the ReportServer Configuration Tool and configure the specifics of your installation, including the database server you will use, the type of authentication you want, your e-mail server details, and the location for where you want to store your reports.

FAQ3Q: I'm having trouble getting the new RSS Feed feature to work with My Yahoo. What did I do wrong?  (View Answer)

Answer: You need to make sure you have configured your "External URL" in the ReportServer Configuration Tool. This setting is the URL that users outside your firewall would use to access the ReportServer home page.

If that setting is correct, please try the RSS feed on an iGoogle account. If that works, but My Yahoo still does not work, then the problem is likely that you are not using TCP port 80 (the standard HTTP port) to reach the ReportServer web site from a workstation outside your firewall. My Yahoo has trouble accessing RSS feeds that are not sent on port 80.

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